Aiming for the best marketing conference in Japan.
Marketing Agenda is a training camp-style conference where 250+ top marketers from both domestic and overseas gather together to enrich their marketing skills, knowledge and community. Intensive discussions of each company’s initiatives and the ways to solve issues they face in this 4 days will deepen not only the knowledge but also the network by inspiring each other.
A place to enjoy communication.
During the four-day conference, there are various programs scheduled back-to-back. Discussions and networking among the marketers such as "What is the purpose of marketing?" or "What measures are necessary to pursue the results?" will take place thru out the day. This intense 4 days in a extraordinal environment create new ideas break thru the marketers limits. We hope we enjoy its challenging yet exciting communication.
A place to meet the best partners.
Clients and partners will share their challenges and struggles together and explore the partnerships that can grow. This is a place where for various business matching opportunities and discover new for the future. By challenging each other at the forefront and talking to peers, you will gain new ideas on where to head next -- a place to deepen individual capabilities. Join Marketing Agenda where "conference" and "networking" happens same time at the same level.
  • Inspiration by its extraordinary environment

    New ideas and deep communication are born at a place where you feel away from your ordinal life cycle.

  • The largest marketing network in Japan.

    Get out of your comfort zone - new encounters go beyond the traditional network.

  • Conference program to enrich your knowledge.

    Up-to-date, trustable and high quality information as well as meaningful knowledge and strategies will be useful for your next steps.

  • Search for a new partnership

    Creating deep relationships that lead to new business opportunities